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Manifested by nature, enjoyed by mankind, need no special care,
lovely to hold and act to protect when placed in one's environment.
They adapt to all environments, the energy being like "a good friend."

Zodiac Sign: Libra, Aquarius, Aries
Vibrates to the number 4 & 6

moqui marbles, shaman stones, iron concretions, hemitite concretions, sand bombs

Earth Has 'Blueberries' Like Mars: Moqui Marbles Formed In Groundwater In Utah's National Parks. Even before marble-shaped pebbles nicknamed "blueberries" were discovered on Mars by the Opportunity rover. University of Utah geologists studied similar rocks in Utah's national parks and predicted such stones would be found on the Red Planet. University of Utah geologists say marble-shaped rocks known as concretions from Utah (below) formed millions of years ago in groundwater-soaked rocks, providing clues to the origin of similar concretions or so-called "blueberries" discovered on Mars by NASA's Opportunity rover. Known as hematite concretions. These concretions formed underground as minerals precipitated from flowing groundwater in hematite-rich regions of southern Utah. Hematite balls are found in national parks and have long been a geological oddity that show up in many "rock shops." The round rocks and formations are found in southern Utah (Zion and Capitol Reef national parks, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Snow Canyon State Park and the Moab area). Their diameters range from one-25th of an inch to 8 inches or more. They are known to New Agers as "moqui marbles." They were formed perhaps 25 million years ago when minerals precipitated from groundwater flowing through much older Navajo sandstone, the spectacular red rock in southern Utah.

.Moqui Marbles - Small
Item #399-1
Rare Collector Moqui Marbles (Medium Shaman Stones - Sold in pairs only) - Approx. size 1" in diameter - $ 15.00

.Moqui Marbles - Small
Item #399-2
Rare Collector Moqui Marbles (Lrg. Shaman Stones - Sold in pairs only) - Approx. size 1.5"- 2" in diameter - $ 20.00

.Moqui Marbles
Item #399-3
Rare Collector Moqui Marbles (XL Shaman Stones - Sold in pairs only) - Approx. size 2" in diameter - $ 30.00

Below are unusual collector specimens for the times

corona covid concetions by SLN
Item #400-SLN
ERS's Covid-19 Concretions - Approx. size - 1" - 1.5" diameter- 10-15 grams - $ SOLD Out

Iron Concretions Southern Utah bang!
Item # 401-SLN

Rare Collector Moqui Marbles concretion conglomerate - Approx. size 3" x 4" x 3" - 1 lb. - $ SOLD

Iron Concretions Southern Utah Moqui Marbles Flying saucer shaped!
Item # 402-SLN
Rare Collector Moqui Marbles (Shaman Stones) - Approx. sizes - 2.5" diameter x 2" thick - 456 grams total - $ SOLD

Moqui Marbles Iron concretions - "Ground yourself with these - one of each"
Item #403-SLN
Rare Collector Large Moqui Marble Concretion specimens (Shaman Stone conglomerates) - Approx. size ea. 2"-2.5" in diameter - 333 grams - $ SOLD


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