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Escalante Rock Shop Escalante, Utah

Petrified Wood, Fossil, Minerals Rock Shop, specializing in Utah's
collector rocks & petrified woods. L
ocated in the Grand Staircase
Escalante National Monument, one mile west of Escalante off Scenic
Byway12 below the Escalante Petrified Forest State Park & Campground.
Look for the Escalante Rock Shop highway 12 signs for turn off directions.

1075 N. Reservoir Rd • Escalante, Utah 84726

Email • Phone 435-826-4796 (leave message) • Wholesale

2024 Season

Daily hours: There are no set hours - Usually 11 am to 5 pm
Best to call ahead and schedule an appointment.

Pets, unattended small children & firearms
are not allowed on the premises. Shoes are required.

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agate bar 
jade page - nephrite  geodes bar  moqui marbles bar  obsidian bar
miscellaneous bar  polished slabs bar  mineral crystals bar  lapidary rough bar  cabochons bar

Collector Petrified woods including (fossil fern, palm, extinct cycad, conifer, other),
agates, jaspers, dinosaur bone, coprolite,
cabochons, moqui marbles, thundereggs,
obsidian, variscite, geodes,
marble, wonderstone, jade, rough, cut & polished slabs,
tumbled stones, fossils, gastroliths, minerals, crystals, semi-precious & gem stones.

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Escalante Rock Shop webpages updating weekly
winter / 2024, new specimens. Check back often.

Blue Forest WY Petrified Wood cut & polished end limb cast
Escalante Rock Shop Jewelry the eBay Store updating
2024, more Jewelry, gem rocks & polished specimens.

Rock Shop Customer Comments, more on google.

This place is "For madmen only, not for everybody,
especially babies, small children and pets."

"The petrified wood made it home in great shape.
Robin is thrilled with it and has received lots of compliments.
"World Class rock shop." Canyons B & B customer
“Your shop lived up to my name.” Jim Rock, satisfied customer
"Cool rock shop, cool adventure." B. Carlos Kieling, artist
"You were a trip and so was the rock hounding." Bill N.J.
"Best Rock Shop I've ever been to." Kelton Shears, collector

Phone 435-826-4796 - leave message

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$ 10.40 is charged for all orders that fit into a USPS small
flat rate priority box. On orders that will not fit, a PayPal
request for additional shipping cost will be emailed to you
before order is shipped .

Return Policy: The purchaser has 3 days after receiving
item(s) to contact Escalante Rock Shop by phone or email
if notsatisfied with an item(s). Arrangements will be made
for item(s) return & refund.

Thank you for visiting the Rock Shop.

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